Friday, June 30, 2006

The War on America

Last week the House of Representatives had a stirring debate: Are we at war with America or Al Quaeda? I think the answer is clear. From the very beginning, this war has been a failure. A failure of intelligence, a failure of policy, and a failure of leadership.

Cut and run, or stay the course?

These diatribes and slogans need to stop, and they need to stop right now. I'm looking at you, Republicans, it's coming squarely from your direction. You hold the majority of congress, and you're sitting with your thumbs shoved up your asses, not doing anything but coming up with berating slogans. It's high time that it ends.

Staying the course is all well and good, and quite frankly a smart thing to do, the only problem is, staying the course isn't a strategy, it isn't a plan, it's just an ideal. Problem is, to the people running the war, it's the plan as well. There clearly hasn't been any impetus for leaving Iraq, there hasn't been any formal plan laid out for establishing a permanent iraqi government (run by iraqi's), there hasn't been a plan laid out for getting american troops safely back to america. The fact that this wasn't done at the beginning of the war is the biggest failure of all.

Cut and run isn't a strategy either, and (I hope) nobody's proposing it as a strategy. An "Exit Strategy" isn't cutting and running, it's doing things right. In the middle of all this, the groop I feel is getting the biggest shafting of all is the troops on the ground in Iraq. They're the one's who have to deal with congress's failure day in and day out, and I think the fact that they believe so much in what they're doing is a true testament of their character. They're there to get the job done and get it done right. Unfortunately the people running the show haven't figured out those concepts yet.


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