Friday, June 30, 2006

What is our Congress thinking?

Video games? At a time like this? The general discontent with the way things are going hasn't been this high since the sixties, we're in the middle of a war, a bear economy fuelled by...fuel, and the rising prices thereof while the rich get richer (it's a good day to be an Exxon shareholder), and to do something about it, the House of Representatives decides to focus their attention on...VIDEO GAMES? Doesn't surprise me, they seem to bury their heads in the sand every time something important comes up, shifting their attention to lesser important matters so it looks like they're doing something (I'll never stop the 'roids...WHAT did you just say about my girlfriend?).

Why can't the Republican party do something republican for a change? The campaign against video games seems to be a bi-partisan one (shut up, Hillary), the whole thing is very un-republican, it has always been their ideal to keep the government out of the home but lately they've thrown it out the window. I think it's time for the reps to be republican again and stop this travesty from taking place. Seriously, what business does the government have to regulate video games? Whose fault is it if a kid acts out something he did in Vice City?

The government has no business here, if a child acts out something he did in a video game, the fault is clearly and only bad parenting. It is the parents responsibility to ensure the child knows right from wrong, not the government. Take me for example, I'm a Halo addict. Ahh I remember the nights in college hooking up to the network with 10 or 15 other kids across campus, and generally maiming them in every way imaginable until we all got tired. It was good times. Now, do you see me out on the street killing people? No. I don't even own a gun. I know the difference between pretend playful violence and real life violence. This whole thing is yet another reason why I favor parents who spank their kids.


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